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The central P81 allows you to connect a probe model S81-82-83 or ATEX S84, S85, S86 probes for the construction of gas detection systems in environments such as boiler rooms, garages, warehouses, workshops, etc.. with the possiubility to control a
solenoid valve or an auxiliary device (siren, flashing light, extractor, etc..) trought the alarm relay inside.

Installation bottom panel or DIN enclosure.

Light signals:
1 green LED, Power ON
1 yellow LED, fault
1 red LED, gas alarm

Acoustic signals:
A buzzer sound intensity> 60db at 1m.
A button to reset alarms and test probe.

Alarm output: # 1 relay with 1 contact 250Vac SPDT 8A.
Output fault: # 1 open collector 12VDC / 300mA max.
Humidity 90% ± U.R. noncondensing
Comply with the standards EN 61779-1-4, IEC 216-5/1Direttive/Norme EMC EMC 89/336/EEC, EN 50270 standard.




Power supply
Contact rating
Connected sensors 
Operating ambientTtemperature 
Protection degree
12 Vac o 12/14 Vdc

5A - 250V

- 10 ÷ 50°C 




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